What is Mandatory Disclosure and do I have to Comply?

Florida Family Law Rule 12.285 requires all parties involved in Florida divorce, paternity, modification and child support cases to comply with Mandatory Disclosure. Mandatory Disclosure can be an overwhelming process but is a huge part of the discovery process of a case. Petitioners have 45 days from the date the Respondent is served to provide the other party with their Mandatory Disclosure. Your attorney will provide you with a checklist of required documents at the beginning of your case and a date that the documents are due to their office. Examples of documents on the checklist include three months of paycheck stubs, three months of checking account statements and one year of savings account statements for all accounts you own, three months of credit card statements, mortgages statements, deeds to home and other property, day care receipts, Financial Affidavit and retirement statements.

Your attorney will review all the documents you provided and will likely have additional questions or request more documents. Only you know the ins and outs of your finances so cooperating with your attorney is essential in portraying an accurate picture of your financial situation. This is important when issues such as child support, alimony and equitable distribution are components in your case. Equitable distribution refers to each parties’ share of marital assets such as the martial home, retirement accounts, bank accounts and personal property and liabilities including mortgages, credit card payments, auto loans and medical bills. Additionally, your attorney will analyze the other party’s Mandatory Disclosure and will discuss with you the full financial scope of the case.

All financial situations are different just as each case is different. It is crucial to provide all of your financial documents and accounts to your attorney. Voice any concerns you have about your Mandatory Disclosure with your attorney. Your attorney can only represent your side of the case with the information you provide so honesty is the best policy!

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