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Changes to the United States Immigration system seems to be all the frenzy among news outlets nationwide. Implementing these changes to Immigration laws in our country has been placed on our government’s forefront. The changes to the U.S. Immigration system can make the process of becoming a citizen confusing and frustrating for anyone.


Recently, the President announced yet another change to the Immigration process that would entirely change the way the Immigration system operates. If adopted into legislation, the new process would gear towards a merit-based immigration system.

Under the proposed plan, current family and employment-based immigration preference categories would be replaced with a system that awards points based primarily on age and education. Although these changes have not yet been turned into legislation, they would greatly affect the Naturalization process if it replaces the old law

Beginning your Naturalization process

Now more than ever, beginning your Naturalization process is of great importance. But we know that is easier said than done as the process can be quite overwhelming. At the very least the following documents must be obtained in order to start your Naturalization process:

  1. A photocopy of both sides of your Permanent Resident Card
  2. Birth certificate, with certified translation, if written in a foreign language
  3. Marriage certificate (if ever married), with certified translation, if written in a foreign language
  4. A check or money order for the application fee and the biometric services fee (Applicants 75 years of age or older are exempted from the biometrics fee).
  5. 2 color passport photos
  6. List of home addresses for the past five years
  7. List of your employers’ names, dates of employment and addresses of your employers for the past five years.
  8. List of all children (biological, adopted or step-children, dead or alive).
  9. Dates of travel when you have been outside of the U.S. since becoming a permanent resident and the countries you traveled to during these trips.

Immigration / Naturalization

At Akilah Harris PLLC, we understand the significance of becoming a U.S. citizen. Through experience and compassion for our clients, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible. From assistance with gathering all the required documentation upfront to overcoming any obstacles that should arise, we are prepared to stand by you every step of the way.


Your situation might be unique in that you do not fall into the typical naturalization applicant category. Since every case is looked at individually, some cases could easily require even more documentation.

Some unique situations might include:

Having a current legal name which is different from the name on your Permanent Resident Card.

Applying for US citizenship based upon marriage to a US citizen.

Selective Service.

You have a criminal record, including expunged records.

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